“Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger”: non ci sarà una season 3 (reazioni)

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Siamo spiacenti, fan dei fumetti, un altro programma televisivo Marvel è stato cancellato. Freeform ha deciso di non fare una terza stagione di Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger .

Un dramma di supereroi, ambientato nell’universo Marvel Comics, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger è interpretato da Olivia Holt, Aubrey Joseph, Andrea Roth, Gloria Reuben, Miles Mussenden, Carl Lundstedt, Emma Lahana e Jaime Zevallos. Il film drammatico sui supereroi segue Tandy Bowen (Holt) e Tyrone Johnson (Joseph). Questi due ragazzi, di diversa estrazione, condividono una strana connessione e hanno iniziato a mostrare poteri insoliti. Ty e Tandy presto scoprono di stare meglio insieme che da soli, ma i loro sentimenti complicano le cose. Nella seconda stagione, stanno vivendo una vita molto diversa e stanno cercando di rimanere sotto il filo spinato, ma trovano difficile fermarsi quando il male è in atto .


La seconda stagione di Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger ha registrato una media di 0,12 nella fascia demografica 18-49 con 355.000 spettatori. Rispetto alla prima stagione, è in calo rispettivamente del 40% e del 38%. Rispetto alle altre serie originali su Freeform, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger è stato un artista di livello medio.

Secondo Deadline, le opzioni per il cast sono scadute questa settimana. “Siamo così orgogliosi del Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger e delle storie pionieristiche che questa serie ha raccontato”, ha dichiarato Freeform in una nota. “Siamo anche grati al nostro incredibile talento Oliva Holt e Aubrey Joseph per aver dato vita a questi amati personaggi, e lo showrunner Joe Pokaski per la sua visione. Vorremmo ringraziare i nostri partner della Marvel Television per le due meravigliose stagioni e speriamo di poter trovare un altro progetto insieme ”.

I membri del cast hanno risposto alle notizie sulla cancellazione:

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hooo boy. this one hurts. i’m not sure if i will ever really be able to articulate what i’m feeling right now. but one thing i know for sure, is just how fucking proud i am of this show. and what this show did. and what this show said. and just how much this show impacted not only me, but all of the humans out there that watched it. this show was more than just a job for me. it changed my life, professionally and personally. it helped shape me into the human i am today. it taught me bravery and camaraderie, it was intelligent and raw. and even though it was a show about superheroes, it was real. and in just two season we tackled some of the heaviest issues that are happening in our world today. from drug addiction, to sexual assault, to police brutality, and human trafficking. we decided to tell a story through the eyes of a young black man and a young white woman living in modern day new orleans recognizing just how much society has dehumanized black culture and minimized females. and learning how to say “NO.” and fight back. cloak and dagger are super humans. and what an absolute honor it was to bring tandy to life. thank you to every kickass human who lent their passion and insane work ethic to this show. to my crew down in nola, i legitimately loved every moment working with you. even at 4am when i was loopy as fuck, you were patient and laughed with me and we pulled through together. to my BRILLIANTLY talented cast mates, i will always be truly in awe of all of you and your performances. hi @emmakatelahana , thank you for coming over last night to drink wine with me and look back on the last two years of our lives and all the dumb shenanigans we got ourselves into. you’ve shown me true sisterhood. and i’ll like, probs c u tomorrow. @jpokaski , i really can’t explain the respect and love i have for you. you made something special and gave me an artistic challenge and as an actor, i simply thank you. to our fans who became more like family, WOW. thank you for trusting us and believing so fiercely in this story and for seeing yourselves in tandy and tyrone. and to my breezy (@aubreyomari), this isn’t the end. waffles forever. 🖤🗡

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I wasn’t gonna say a lot because I got too much to say… but I’ll say a few things.. Cloak & Dagger was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me in the past few years… Where I’m from you don’t just move to LA and less than a YEAR later your face is all over every single billboard you drive past… This was destiny for us @olivia_holt. Being on this show came at a time when I was at my lowest w acting. I was doubting myself. I had already given up. But I got the call to come in and audition for this special show outta nowhere. Didn’t know anything about the plot or what show it was. Just Marvel. That was enough for me. Flash forward almost 3 years later, and what we created has resonated with so many of you all over the world. That’s why I am able to walk away from this at peace knowing we did our part. You guys. Seeing your messages online & hearing how much the show meant to you when I got the chance to meet a lot of you in person was life changing for me. I got the 1 in a billion chance to say I was a marvel superhero, but also the chance to be on one of the most grounded shows on air. To the hardest working cast & crew in the whole mf business, you changed my life! We watched each other grow. I have so much love for you. I owe you 1. To @jpokaski @gpbmadeit, Thank you for taking a chance on a kid like me. You made my life long dream come true. You will forever be a huge part of my life. If God can take somebody like me from their dream role on broadway before I even hit puberty to one of the biggest platforms in the universe, ain’t no telling what’s next. If I can do it, so can you 🖤

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2.5 yrs ago I got an audition for “detective bailey”. my character breakdown alone let me know the showrunner was special and had put together a writers room that was diverse and could really honour the stories of those who aren’t always served such justice. not only does @jpokaski strive to fight for the underdog in his story telling but he truly cares about everyone who has the privilege to work with him. he cares and fights for us as actual human beings outside of work – (anyone in the industry can attest to the rarity of this.) our writers shed light on injustices & educated us all on how to serve each other better in this complicated world. thank you for you bravery and vulnerability in your story telling and making these characters jump off the page. thank you for being on set with us and supporting us. our marvel producer @mmkalltheway who we could call at any hour and would literally jump in a swamp with you to make you feel safer. my kids @olivia_holt – my baby sister forever. even at 4am when we were exhausted and emotionally drained you found ways to make everyone on set laugh and smile. you are a true leader. i’m grateful for not only getting a great co star but also a family member (she literally gets my dog if I die) @aubreyomari – you made it hard sometimes to act like a tough and hardened cop when you bought so much vulnerability and authenticity to your performance. the lived experience you shared through this role was a blessing for all that got to witness it. thank you to the entire cast and crew who worked so hard. we all knew this was something special and unique and that we were telling stories not usually seen on tv. the rawness of a black mothers grief losing her son to police violence, the horrors of human trafficking, drug abuse, the aftermath of a child witnessing her fathers abuse… these stories are hard to watch but they are real. they are usually shied away from. but not with cloak and dagger because they’re the heroes that would never turn their back on an underdog. #cloakanddagger

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Cosa ne pensi? Ti è piaciuto guardare Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger su Freeform? Avrebbe dovuto essere rinnovato per una terza stagione? Fatecelo sapere lasciandoci un commento!!

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